dedicated to Georgia O'keeffe photo by Alfred Stieglitz in her New York era

See the red light rinsing, another shutterslut wincing
The collage of "dedicated to Georgia O'keeffe photo by Alfred Stieglitz in her New York era" depends on some photography of Georgia O'keeffe photo by Alfred Stieglitz. The original photography you can find, here, there and everywhere.

The words "See the red light rinsing, another shutterslut wincing" is taken from the lyrics of the song "Red Light" from the album "Kaleidoscope" by Siouxsie And The Banshees.

After Georgia O'keeffe studied at The School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago 1905 to 1906, in the next year, she attended The Art Students League Of New York, where she studied under William Merritt Chase.
In 1908, she won the League's William Merritt Chase still-life prize for her oil painting "Untitled : Dead Rabbit With Copper Pot". Her prize was a scholarship to attend the League's outdoor summer school at Lake George, New York. While in the city in 1908, Georgia O'keeffe attended an exhibition of Auguste Rodin's Watercolors at The 291 Gallery, owned by her future husband, photographer Alfred Stieglitz.
("William Merritt Chase Self-portrait" by William Merritt Chase [left] and "Untitled : Dead Rabbit With Copper Pot" by Georgia O'keeffe)

In 1917, the next year of when he exhibited ten of her drawings at The 291 Gallery, Alfred Stieglitz organized Georgia O'keeffe's first solo show at The 291 Gallery, which included oil paintings and watercolors completed in Texas, where she had been taught as as head of the art department at West Texas State Normal College from 1916 (to 1918), the fledgling West Texas A And M University in Canyon.
("No. 13 Special, 1916 - 1917" by Georgia O'keeffe)

In 1918, Georgia O'keeffe accepted Alfred Stieglitz's invitation to move to New York. They were deeply in love, and they began living together, finally they married in 1924.
("Alfred Stieglitz, Self Portrait At 291, 1915" and "Georgia O'Keeffe, 1918" by Alfred Stieglitz, "Alfred Stieglitz Photographing Georgia O'Keeffe, 1924" photo by Arnold H. Ronnebeck : from left to light )

From the year 1917, when Alfred Stieglitz exhibited ten of Georgia O'keeffe's drawings at The 291 Gallery, Alfred Stieglitz started photographing her. When he retired from photography in 1937, he had made more than 350 portraits of her.
By the way, in 1918, Georgia O'keeffe came to know the many early American Modernists who were part of Alfred Stieglitz's circle of artists. Georgia O'keeffe began working primarily in oil, a shift away from having worked primarily in watercolor in the earlier 1910s. By the mid-1920s, Georgia O'keeffe began making large-scale paintings of natural forms at close range, as if seen through a magnifying lens.

"Georgia O'Keeffe, 1918" by Alfred Stieglitz and "Music, Pink And Blue No. 2, 1918" by Georgia O'keeffe

"Georgia O'Keeffe, 1920" by Alfred Stieglitz and "Apple Family II, c. 1920" by Georgia O'keeffe

"Georgia O'Keeffe, 1921" by Alfred Stieglitz and "Blue and Green Music, 1921" by Georgia O'keeffe

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