Esmeralda Sanborn, the servant

Esmeralda Sanborn aka Lady Armaroid was created by Buichi Terasawa for the comic "Cobra" 1978.
Esmeralda Sanborn aka Lady Armaroid is Cobra's long-time partner and representing the serious half of the duo.
Firstly she was born as human named Esmeralda Sanborn, the princess of the duchy of Sanborn. By serious accident, when she was hardly to live, she selected to transfer to be Lady Armaroid in order to survive and to continue to be the best partner for Cobra.

This collage depends on the original images you can find here, there and everywhere.

"La Magie de l'amour / Le sortilege d'amour" painted by Anonyme

"Mary Magdalene" painted by Frederick Sandys

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