dedicated to Diane Arbus : Her Self-Portraits

N.Y.C.'s No Lark
Conversations With Myself
The collage of Diane Arbus : Her Self-Portraits depends on the original images are taken from here, there and everywhere.

The words "N.Y.C.'s No Lark / Conversations With Myself" are taken from the album "Conversations With Myself", 1963 recorded by Bill Evans.
On this album Bill Evans recorded his solo performances on the piano and overdubed these performances for the each numbers.
"N.Y.C.'s No Lark" was composed by Bill Evans for paying a tribute to the memory of Sonny Clark, the jazz pianist.
"Waltz For Debby" (You can listen this number on the album "Waltz For Debby", 1961 recorded) composed by Bill Evans was inspired from "My Conception" (You can listen this number on the album "My Conception", 1959 recorded) composed by Sonny Clark.
"N.Y.C.'s No Lark" is anagram of "Sonny Clark".

I think the words "Conversations With Myself" explain the photography style of Diane Arbus.
In her photo "Deviant And Marginal People" must be another self-portrait of her.

Please compare her self-portrait "Diane Arbus: Self-portrait With Twin Lens Reflex, Signature Camera" and other her photos. You can find what I want to say.

So, in my collage of Diane Arbus : Her Self-Portraits, I put on "Diane Arbus Self Portrait Pregnant NYC, 1945" instead of her photo.

"Child With Toy Hand Grenade In Central Park, 1962" is the original photo which deleted for my collage.
Please compare her self-portrait "Diane Arbus Self Portrait Pregnant NYC, 1945" and her original photo "Child With Toy Hand Grenade In Central Park, 1962".

In 2006, on the movie"Fur : An Imaginary Portrait Of Diane Arbus" directed by Steven Shainberg, Nicole Kidman acted as title-role, Diane Arbus.

in the left photo "Photograph Of Diane Arbus by Allan Arbus (A Film Test), c. 1949", we find her look which we cannot see on her self-portraits.
Allan Arbus is an American actor, and he had married with Diane Arbus from from 1941 to 1969. They had two daughters, Doon Arbus and Amy Arbus.
"Diane y Allan Arbus" por Frances McLaughlin-Gill : right

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