dedicated to Brigitte Helm acted as Maria and The Maschinenmensch in the movie "Metropolis"

Ja tvoi sluga, Ja tvoi Rabotnik (I'm your slave, I'm your worker.)
collaged from still photos from the movie "Metropolis" directed by Fritz Lang.
You can find original still photos from here. there and everywhere.

The Russian words "Ja tvoi sluga, Ja tvoi Rabotnik (I'm your slave, I'm your worker.) " is taken from the lyrics of "Die Roboter / The Robots" from the album "Mensch-Maschine / The Man-Machine" by Kraftwerk.

In the movie "Metropolis", Brigitte Helm acted as Human Maria (the pure-at-heart teacher) and The Maschinenmensch in both her robotic and human incarnations. The Maschinenmensch in her robotic (Robot Maria, created by Rudolf Klein-Rogge as C. A. Rotwang, the mad scientist) was designed by Walter Schulze-Mittendorff. (from left to right : Human Maria, Robot Maria and Human Incarnations Maria)

The original version (a 153-minute version of the film) of the movie "Metropolis" was premiered on January 10, 1927. However, as the original version was thought to be too long, the film was cut and re-edited. As a result of the edited versions, the original premiere cut disappeared and a quarter of the original film was long believed to be lost forever.
But some lost scenes were discovered and re-edited, we can see 150-minutes version of the movie.

In 1984, a new restoration and edit of the film was made by Giorgio Moroder. Giorgio Moroder’s version of the film "Metropolis" introduced a new contemporary pop music soundtrack for the film, "Metropolis - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack".

In 1977 for the album "Live! In The Air Age" of Be-Bop Deluxe, the still photo from the movie "Metropolis" was used.
In 1984 for the promotion video of "Radio Gaga" from the album "Works" by Queen, featured footage of Giorgio Moroder's "Metropolis".
In 1989 for the promotion video of "Express Yourself" directed by David Fincher for the album "Like A Prayer" by Madonna, the visual image was inspired by the movie "Metropolis".

In 1949, Osamu Tezuka released the comic "Metropolis or Robotic Angel". In this comic, the artificial humanoid named Michi appeared.
In 2001, the movie "Metropolis" depended on the Osamu Tezuka's comic, directed by Rintaro, and Written by Katsuhiro Otomo was released. In the movie version Michi, the artificial humanoid appeared as Tima, voiced by Yuka Imoto (Japanese version), Rebecca Forstadt (English version).

In 2010, Vougue Germany was issued Februry 2010, “Ruckkehr nach Metropolis / Return to Metropolis” by Karl Lagerfeld.
Toni Garrn appeared and acted the images as Human Maria, Robot Maria and Human Incarnations Maria, metal suit by Thierry Mugler.

Off course, you remember C-3PO designs by Ralph McQuarrie, the droid in the movie series "Star Wars" created by George Lucas.

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