dedicated to Traci Lords

It's something real that I can't touch. Eyes, skin, bone, contour, language as a flower.
collaged from some images of Traci Lords' photos.
If you want to see original images, please check here, there and everywhere.

In some linked websites, there is a possibility of the adult site where the minor is prohibited from accessing it.

The words "It's something real that I can't touch. Eyes, skin, bone, contour, language as a flower." is taken from the lyrics for "Little Baby Nothing" perfomed by Manic Street Preachers, included in their album "Generation Terrorists".
This song is featuring vocals by Traci Lords and also in the music video (their single cover and Manic Street Preachers with Traci Lords).

On "Penthouse 1984 September" Traci Lords was "Pet Of The Month" photo by J. Stephen Hicks (Sorry, I couldn't find it)

In 1984, the movie "What Gets Me Hot!" directed by Richard Mailer and the movie "Talk Dirty To Me Part III" directed by Ned Morehead and some adult movies, Traci Lords started her career. The former is the her debut movie, and the later won Best Film at the 1985 AVN Awards.

From 1984 to 1987 the movie "Traci, I Love You" (her last porno film) directed by Jean Charles, Traci Lords acted in 21adult films. However, about 80 adult films were composed from leftover and re-edited footage from her original films.

From 1988 when Traci Lords acted in Roger Corman's film "Not Of This Earth" directed by Jim Wynorski, she moved into mainstream films.

In 1990, Traci Lords acted with Johnny Depp and Iggy Pop in the musical movie "Cry-Baby" directed by John Waters.

In 1995, Traci Lords made her solo debut album "1000 Fires", in collaboration with Juno Reactor and Mike Edwards of Jesus Jones.

In 2003, Traci Lords published her autobiography, Traci Lords: Underneath It All.

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