dedicated to Meret Oppenheim : Take Freedom Nobody Gives

Freedom, You've Gotta Give For What You Take
ispired from "Meret Oppenheim, nue lisant" photo by Man Ray, 1933.

The words "Freedom, You've Gotta Give For What You Take" is taken from the lyrics of "Freedom '90" from the album "Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1" by George Michael.
The words is inspired from "Personne ne vous donne la liberte, vous devez la prendre (Nobody Will Give You Freedom, You Have To Take It)" by Meret Oppenheim.

In 1933, Meret Oppenheim acted as a model with Louis Marcoussis for photo session of Man Ray, "serie erotique voilee".
Upper from left to right :
"Meret Oppenheim nue derriere une presse bras macule d'encre"
"bras macule d'encre appuye contre le mur derriere une presse"
"femme nue bras macule d'encre accoudee a une presse"
downer from left to right :
"homme barbu et femme allongee derriere une presse"
"femme nue et homme barbu devant une armoire"

In 1936, the one of the most famous her works, "Le Dejeuner en fourrure" in MOMA : The Museum Of Modern Art.

In 1964, "Self Portrait Skull And Ornament" by Meret Oppenheim.

In 2001, "Prix Meret-Oppenheim" had started. This is the book cover for "Muller, Hans-Joachim (Interviews): Prix Meret Oppenheim 2006". In this year 2006, Markus Raetz, Robert Suermondt, Rolf Winnewisser, Dario Gamboni, Catherine Schelbert and Peter Zumthor got the "Prix Meret-Oppenheim"

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