dedicated to Emmanuelle Riva as Elle in "Hiroshima mon amour"

J'ai tout vu. Tout… J'en suis sure… Je n'ai rien invente.
Emmanuelle Riva as Elle in the movie "Hiroshima mon amour" 1959.

The movie "Hiroshima mon amour" was directed by Alain Resnais, with a screenplay by Marguerite Duras.

In the first scene of the movie "Hiroshima mon amour", Emmanuelle Riva as Elle answered to him "J'ai tout vu. Tout… J'en suis sure… Je n'ai rien invente." when Eiji Okada as Lui told to her "Tu n'as rien vu a Hiroshima."

When Emmanuelle Riva had stayed in Hiroshima for the movie, she had taken some photos.
In 2008 Japan, They had held the exhibitions named "Hiroshima 1958" featuring her photos.
"Hiroshima 1958" aka "Tu n'as rien vu a Hiroshima.", the collection of her photos was published based on the excibitions.

"Hiroshima Mon Amour" from the album "Ha Ha Ha" by Ultravox!

"Hiroshima Mon Amour" from the album "No Parole From Rock N' Roll" by Alcatrazz.

"Hiroshima" from the album "Frantic" by Bryan Ferry. In this song, the chorus includes the full sentence of "Hiroshima Mon Amour".

The movie "H Story" directed by Nobuhiro Suwa is about remake of "Hiroshima mon amour". Beatrice Dalle acted the actress for Elle. Kou Machida acted the actor for Lui.

As for me, the picture book "Hachigatu ga kuru tab ini (Whenever August comes)" written by Hide Ohe, with illustrated by Karstuyuki Shinohara gave influence same as one that the movie gave to me.
There is the cover image for the first edition of the picture book.

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