dedicated to Edna Purviance

If every word I said could make you laugh
Edna Purviance

The words "If every word I said could make you laugh" is taken from the lyrics for "Forever" from the album "Summer In Paradise" by The Beach Boys feat. John Stamos

Edna Purviance acted as the heroin for The Tramp acted by Charlie Chaplin in the movies directed by Charlie Chaplin, his early carrier.
"Charlie Chaplin In The Tramp" (1915) is the one of them

and his "A Dog's Life" (1918)

and his "The Kid" (1921).

In 1923, Edna Purviance acted the heroin, Marie St. Clair in the movie "A Woman Of Paris" directed by Charlie Chaplin.

In the movie "Chaplin" (1992) directed by Richard Attenborough, Robert Downey Jr. acted as Charlie Chaplin and Penelope Ann Miller acted as Edna Purviance

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