dedicated to Alma Mahler-Werfel

She's going to break your heart in two, it's true
Alma Mahler-Werfel inspired from "Mahler, Alma, 1879-1964 : ca. 1899"

"She's going to break your heart in two, it's true" is taken from the lyrics of "Femme Fatale" from the album "Duran Duran : The Wedding Album" by Duran Duran.

It is said that Alma is the model for "Danae" drawn by Gustav Klimt.

Alma had learnt how to compose from Alexander von Zemlinsky.
His composition "Es War Einmal" was premiered at Wiener Staatsoper in 1900 conducted by Gustav Mahler.

Alma married Gustav Mahler in 1900. They got two daughters. In 1907 Maria Anna, the elder daughter died at five years old. "Kindertotenlieder" composed by Gustav Mahler premiered in 1905.

After Gustav Mahler's death in 1911, Alma had a tumultuous affair with Oskar Kokoschka. He created many works ("Die Windsbraut" etc.) inspired by her.

In 1915, Alma married Walter Gropius. He created Fagus-Werk, one of the seminal modernist buildings in 1911, the year when Gustav Mahler died.

Alma and Walter Gropius got their daughter, Manon in 1917. When Manon died in 1935 at her 18 years old, Alban Berg dedicated his "Violinkonzert" as "Dem Andenken eine Engels (To the memory of an angel)."

After Alma's divorce from Walter Gropius became official in 1920, She married Franz Werfel. In 1938, following The Anschluss, Alma and Franz Werfel, who was Jewish, were forced to flee Austria for France. When they stayed in France, he had gotten the image for his novel "The Song of Bernadette".

"Alma - A Show biz ans Ende", an interactive stage-play with a very special party to celebrate is started in 1996.

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