Yumiko-chan, the collided

The collage "Yumiko-chan, the collided" depends on the original images you can find. here, there and ebverywhere.
Yumiko-chan is created by Henmaru Machino for the comic "The Best Of Yumiko-chan" 1993 published by Issuisya and many more short comics.
In many cases of her comics, Yumiko-chan hurries up because of being late for her school, and collides head-on someone or something on her turning over. And she is raped (sometimes digged) by him or her otherwise it or them.
the photography "The Buick Electra Rear-ended A Truck On The Old Spanish Trail Between New Orleans And Biloxi" 1967 provided from Wide World Photo for the book "Hollywood Babylon" 1975 written by Kenneth Anger

the photography "Crash Test" 2016 by Szymon Brodziak

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theme : 今日のイラスト - genre : 日記

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