Nami, the whore

The collage "Nami, the whore" depends on the original images you can find, here, there and everywhere.
Nami Tsuchiya is created by Tomomi Sanjo for the comic "Shoujo Nami : Nami A Girl" published by Taiyoh Tosho Co.,Ltd. on 1992 (Later, the comic has been published by Kuboshoten).
Nami Tsuchiya is a banal girl, the second grader of a high school student.
One day, her father has disappeared and her mother killed herself. She is only 16, but she must pay back her father's debt. So, she started to work at a S&M club. And ...

the photograph "Red light district. Antwerp. Flanders. Belgium" 1988 by Harry Gruyaert

the photograph "Mistress Rose eavesdropping, Pandora's Box. New York City, USA. New York City" 1995 by Susan Meiselas

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