dedicated to Audrey Hepburn in "Charade"

left alone....., and at any moment I could be assassinated
Audrey Hepburn as Regina 'Reggie' Lampert in the movie "Charade" directed by Stanley Donen

trailer for the movie "Charade"
"Charade" is a word guessing game

the main title is designed by Maurice Binder
the main theme and other music numbers composed by Henry Mancini
you can listen from the soundtrack album "Charade"

the movie "The Truth About Charlie" directed by Jonathan Demme remakes the movie "Charade"
Thandie Newton appears as Regina Lambert

the movie "Chura Liyaa Hai Tumne" directed by Sangeeth Sivan is based on the movie "Charade"
Esha Deol appears as Tina Khanna, heroin

costume design by Hubert de Givenchy
cinematography by Charles Lang Jr.

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theme : 今日のイラスト - genre : 日記

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