Neko Mugen, the feline

Neko Mugen aka Madame Neko is the one of the characters created by Yosuke Takahashi.
Her first appearance was on the comic "In The Afternoon Of Professor Liar" for the monthly magazine "Manga Shonen" 1980 published by Asahi Sonorama.
Afterwards, she appeared on the comic "Mugen Shinshi Boken-katsugeki-hen : The Swashbuckler Of Mugen, The Gentleman" 1983 - 1991 for the monthly magazine ""Ryu" published by Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd..
In 1987, the comic book "Mrs. Neko : The Anthologies Of Yosuke Takahashi Vol. 6" published by Asahi Sonorama" published by Asahi Sonorama collecting her short story "Mrs. Neko" 1985 for the monthly magazine "Monthly Comi-comi" publishid by Hakusensha, Incorporated.
This collage depends on the original images you can find , there and everywhere.

"Self-Portrait" 1929 photo by Madame d'Ora (Dora Kallmus)

"Dining With A Cheetah" 1960 on Vogue November 1, 1960 photo by Neal Barr

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