dedicated to Eve Arnold, her self-portraits with or without Marilyn Monroe

We Made These Memories For Ourselves
For the collage of "dedicated to Eve Arnold, her self-portraits with or without Marilyn Monroe", the original photographies you can find here, there and everywhere.

Eve Arnold took the photographs "Harlem Fashion" 1950.
Eve Arnold produced a collection of photos from Harlem's vivid fashion show scene, and the collection was published the series in the magazine "The Illustrated London News" 1951.
[photos from left to right : "USA. NYC. Harlem. Behind The Scenes. Fashion Show, Abyssinian Baptist Church. 1950" and "USA. New York. Harlem. Two Young Black Models Check Their Make-up Backstage.1950]

In 1957, Eve Arnold became the first woman to join The Magnum Agency, becoming The Full Member.
[photos from left to right : "Eve Arnold. New York City, USA., 1957" photo by Erich Hartmann and "New Jersey - Poet William Carlos Williams, 1957. by Eve Arnold]

From 1951 to 1961, Eve Arnold had taken portraits of Marilyn Monroe. In 1960 she published the photography book "Marilyn Monroe" 1960.
[photos from left to right : the photography book "Marilyn Monroe", "Studio Ball, The First Time Eve Ever Photographed Marilyn, 1951" and "Marilyn Monroe On The Set Of The Misfits, 1961"]

On the other hand, about Marilyn Monroe, she got attention from Acting in two movies 1950.
[photos from left to right : "Marilyn Monroe With Volley Ball, C 1950" by Andre de Dienes and "Marilyn Monroe, 24, In Griffith Park, Los Angeles, 1950." by Ed Clark]

In the movie "The Asphalt Jungle" 1950 directed by John Huston, Marilyn Monroe acted as Angela Phinlay.
[photos from left to right : the poster and one of the still photos from the movie]

In the movie "All About Eve" 1950 directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Marilyn Monroe acted as Miss Casswell.
[photos from left to right : the poster and one of the still photos from the movie]

Eve Arnold's image of Marilyn Monroe on the set of the movie "The Misfits" 1961 directed by John Huston were perhaps her (And her also) most memorable.
[photos from left to right : "USA. Nevada. Reno. US Actress Marilyn MONROE On The Set Of 'The Misfits' By John HUSTON. 1960." and "Marilyn Monroe On The Set Of ''The Misfits'', Nevada, 1960]

In the movie, "The Misfits" 1961 directed by John Huston was written by Arthur Miller, who had been married with Marilyn Monroe 1956 - 1961, Marilyn Monroe acted as Roslyn Taber with starling Clark Gable acted as Gay Langland. The movie is their posthumous works.
[photos from left to right : the poster, one of the still photos from the movie and "Arthur Miller Teaching Marilyn Monroe Dance Steps For A Scene In The Misfits, A Screenplay He Wrote For Her, Hollywood, 1960" by Eve Arnold]

Except Eve Arnold works of the Marilyn Monroe's photographs, she did a series of portraits of American First Ladies including Jacqueline Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson and Patricia Nixon.
[photos from left to right : "Jacqueline Kennedy With Her Daughter Caroline, 1960" and "Jacqueline Kennedy Arranging Flowers With Daughter Caroline" 1961]

The words "We Made These Memories For Ourselves" are taken from the lyrics of the song "Photograph" 2015 from the album "X (Multiply)" 2014 by Ed Sheeran.

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