have good times in summer 2021

What Have You Got To Lose?
with love from tai toshiharu feat. =OyO=

This Illustration inspired from the photo "Refugee Child, Hong Kong" 1952 photo by Werner Bischof.

The words "What Have You Got To Lose?" are taken from the lyrics of the song "An Old Straw Hat" sung and performed by Shirley Temple acted as Rebecca Winstead for the movie "Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm" 1938 directed by Allan Dwan.

Don't you remember the poem "My Hat" 1922 written by Saijo Yaso for the Children's Magazine "Kodomo No Kuni : Children's Land"? And the poem inspired the novel "Proof Of The Man" 1975 by Seiichi Morimura for the magazine "Yasei Jidai : Wild Era". The novel was adapted for the movie "Proof Of The Man" 1977 directed by Junya Sato.

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