dedicated to Chiyo Uno, in history of her love affairs

So Here I Go, Breaking All Of The Rules
For the collage of "dedicated to Chiyo Uno, in history of her love affairs", the original photographies you can find here, there and everywhere.

Chiyo Uno was a female Japanese author. It is said that her outstanding works are the novel "Iro-zange : Confessions Of Love " 1933-1935, the novel "Ohan" 1945-1957 and so on.
Except her the literary profession, it is also well known the history of her love affaires.

Her first marriage is in 1911 at 14 years old with Ryoichi Fujimura (her cousin). it took about only 10 days.
In 1919, she married with Tadashi Fujimura, the brother of Ryoichi Fujimura.
[Sorry, I couldn't find any images of Fujiwara's Brothers.]

In 1922, she met Shiro Ozaki and fell in love with him, They started live together. After she got divorced from Tadashi Fujimura in 1924, she married with Shiro Ozaki.
In 1921, when she got the first prize by the newspaper "Jiji Shimpo" for her novel "Shihun No Kao : The Face By Cosmetics", Shiro Ozaki got the second prize for his novel "Gokuchu Yori : From The Prison". (In 1933, He started to published the novel "Jinsei Gekijo Seisyunhen : The Life Theater The Part Of Youth" on the newspaper "Jiji Shimpo" and it became one of his outstanding works.)
[photo : a portrait of Shiro Ozaki]

In 1928, She fell in love with Motojiro Kajii. And she lived apart from Shiro Ozaki.
In 1925, Motojiro Kajii published the novel "Lemon", one of his outstanding works on the first issue of the magazine "Aozora".
In 1927, Shiro Ozaki published his novel "Sekirei No Su : The Nest Of Wagtails" on the magazine "Shincho". In this novel, Motojiro Kajii appeared as Segawa-kun.
[photo : a portrait of Motojiro Kajii]

In 1930, she met Seiji Togo and started live together. She got divorced from Shiro Ozaki. (In 1932 Motojiro Kajii died.) In 1934, She broke up with Seiji Togo.
In 1930, Seiji Togo translated the novel ""Les Enfants Terribles" 1929 by Jean Cocteau into Japanese "Osorubeki Kodomotachi" and published from Hakusuisha.
Her novel "Iro-zange : Confessions Of Love " 1933-1935 was modeled after Seiji Togo.
[photos : a portrait of Seiji Togo (left) and his painting Surrealistic Stroll" 1929]

In 1939, she married with Takeo Kitahara, and in 1964 she got divorced from him.
In 1936, she published the fashion magazine "Style", the cover art by Tsuguharu Foujita, the title lettering by Seiji Togo. With Takeo Kitahara, she edited.
In 1938, the novel "Tsuma : Wife" by Takeo Kitahara was nominated for The Akutagawa Prize, by which he debuted at Japanese literary world.
[photos : a portrat of Takeo Kitahara (left) and the cover of the fashion magazine "Style"]

In 1982, the autobiographical novel "Ikiteiku Watashi : I, To Live" was published at "Nichiyo Club" on the newspaper "Mainichi Shimbun".
In 1984 the tv drama program "Ikiteiku Watashi : I, To Live" was on aired by Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc.. In the program, Yukiyo Toake acted as Chiyo Uno, the heroine.
In 1991, the tv drama program "Ikiteiku Watashi : I, To Live" was on aired by Fuji Television Network, Inc.. In the program, Yoshiko Miyazaki acted as Chiyo Uno, the heroine.
[Sorry, I could't find any images of two tv drama programs.]

The words "So Here I Go, Breaking All Of The Rules" are taken from the lyrics of the song "It's So Easy!" 1958 from the album "The Very Best Of Buddy Holly And The Crickets " by The Crickets and also the song "It's So Easy!" 1977 from the album "Simple Dreams" by Linda Ronstadt.

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