dedicated to Alexandra 'Xie' Kitchin photo by Lewis Carroll

I'm Not A Person I'm Just An Object To You
For the collage of "dedicated to Alexandra 'Xie' Kitchin photo by Lewis Carroll", the original photography you can find here, there and everywhere.

Alexandra 'Xie' Kitchin was one of the most favorite girls, the so-called Child-Friend, of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson aka Lewis Carroll.
And he had taken some her photos as the model for his photograph.
[photo : "Alexandra Rhoda 'Xie' Cardew (nee Kitchin)" 1923 (on her age 59) photo by Unknown Photographer]

Alexandra 'Xie' Kitchin was the daughter of Rev. George William Kitchin, who was the colleague of Lewis Carroll at Christ Church, Oxford at that time. Later he became Dean Of Winchester and Dean Of Durham.
And her godmother was Alexandra Of Denmark, then Princess Of Wales.
[photos from left to right : "George William Kitchin" 1859 photo by Lewis Carroll and "Portrait Of Queen Alexandra And Her Favoured Serpent Bracelet" by anonymous]

Alexandra 'Xie' Kitchin had three younger brothers, George Herbert Kitchin, Hugh Bridges Kitchin and Brook Taylor Kitchin, and a younger sister, Dorothy Maud Mary Kitchin.
[photos from left to right : "George Herbert Kitchin" 1873, "Dorothy Maud Mary Kitchin" 1879 and "St George And The Dragon" (on which photo Alexandra 'Xie' Kitchin acted as the princess, Brook Taylor Kitchin acted as St George, George Herbert Kitchin acted as the dead soldier and Hugh Bridges Kitchin acted as The Dragon) 1875 photo by Lewis Carroll]

Lewis Carroll had taken the photos of Alexandra 'Xie' Kitchin from her age 4 until 16, around 50 times.
[photos from left to right : "Xie Kitchin, 1869" (on her age 5) and "Xie Kitchin With Violin, 1875-1880" (on her age 11 - age 16) photo by Lewis Carroll]

Alexandra 'Xie' Kitchin married on 1890 (on her age 26) and had six children, for example Michael Cardew, the studio potter.
[photos from left to right : "Christopher Cardew; Richard Cardew; Michael Cardew; Philip Francis Haydon Cardew" (4 children of Alexandra 'Xie' Kitchin) 1906, "Michael Cardew" 1917 photo by Unknown Photographer and "The British Ceramist Michael Cardew Demonstrating At A Workshop At Big Creek Pottery In Davenport, Calif., In 1976"]

The words "I'm Not A Person I'm Just An Object To You" are taken from the lyrics of "Stay Awake" from the album "Made In China" by Juliana Hatfield.

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