dedicated to Uemura Shoen for Noh Dance Prelude

So You've Painted Yourself
For the collage of "dedicated to Uemura Shoen for Noh Dance Prelude", the original photography you can find here, there and everyehre.

The words "So You've Painted Yourselff" are taken from the lyrics of the song "Corner Painter" from the single "Corner Painter" for her upcoming solo album by Tal Wilkenfeld.

In 1936, Uemura Shoen painted one of the her masterpieces "Jo No Mai : Noh Dance Prelude".
The model for "Jo No Mai : Noh Dance Prelude" was the wife of Shokou Uemura (the painter, the child of Uemura Shoen, father of Atsushi Uemura, the painter) before her marriage.

"Jo No Mai : Noh Dance Prelude" was featured for the commemorative stamp for "The 1965 Stamp Collection Week" 1965 [the upper image is here], and also featured for for the commemorative stamp for "The 50th Anniversary Of Her Death" 2000 with Uemura Shoen Portrait Photo.

In 1965 the novel "Jo No Mai" written by Tomiko Miyao was released. Uemura Shoen was a model for Tsuya Shimamura, the heroine in the novel.
[photos frpm left to right : the first volume and the second volume of the first editions for the novel and portrait of Tomiko MIyao]

In 1984, some works adapted from the novel "Jo No Mai" 1965 were released.

In the movie "Jo No Mai : Appassionata" 1984 directed by Sadao Nakajima, Tsuya Shimamura was acted by Yuko Nartori (on her girlhood acted by Kazumi Noguchi).
[photos from left to right : the movie poster and one of the still photos]

In the tv drama "Jo No Mai : Appassionata" 1984 written by Yasuko Ono, directed by Kohei Hisano, Tsuya Shimamura was acted by Reiko Ohara.
[photos frpm left to right : advertisement on magazine and still photo for Interview]

In the play "Jo-no-mai : Appassionata" 1984 at Imperial Theatre, Tsuya Shimamura was acted by Fujiko Yamamoto.
[Sorry, I can't find any images.]

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