dedicated to Marie Laurencin mainly in Japan

Plus que morte Oubliee
For the collage of "dedicated to Marie Laurencin mainly in Japan", the original photography you can find here, there and everywhere.

In 1913, Guillaume Apollinaire wrote the poem "Le pont Mirabeau" for his collection of poems "Alcools". The poem tells us his love for Marie Laurencin and their departure.
[photos : "Portrait Of Guillaume Apollinaire" 1913 by Pablo Picasso (left) and the first edition of Alcools]

In 1909, Marie Laurencin painted her work "Apollinaire et ses amis". On the work, there are Guillaume Apollinaire at the center, Marie Laurencin herself at the right end and Le pont Mirabeau at the distant view.
[photos : "Self Portrait" 1908 (left) and "Apollinaire et ses amis" 1909 by Marie Laurencin]

On 1962, the movie "Jules et Jim" directed by Francois Truffaut was released. The movie was based on the novel "Jules et Jim" 1953 by Henri-Pierre Roche. It was said Catherine the heroin, who was acted by Jeanne Moreau was made by Marie Laurencin as the model.
[photos from left to right : the first edition of the novel "Jules et Jim", the poster and one of the still photos for the movie "Jules et Jim"]

The words "Plus que morte Oubliee" were taken from the poem "Le Calmant" 1917 written by Marie Laurencin.
In Japan, the poem was translated for the anthology of translated poems "Gekka No Ichigun : A Group Under The Moon" 1925 by Daigaku Horiguchi. On 1972 Wataru Takada wrote the song for translated poem "Chinseiizai : Le Calmant" and released the song "Chinseiizai : Le Calmant" on his album "Keizu : Genealogy".
[photos : the first edition of "Gekka No Ichigun : A Group Under The Moon" (left) and the album "Keizu : Genealogy"]

From 1983 to 2011, Marie Laurencin Museum was opened in Nagano. There were 500 over works of Marie Laurencin collected by Masahiro Takano.
On 2017 Marie Laurencin Museum has been reopened in Tokyo.
[photos : "Three Young Women" ca. 1935 (left ) and "La maison meublee" 1912 by Marie Laurencin, owned by Marie Laurencin Museum]

In Japan, Kazuhiko Kato released his album "Anokoro, Marie Laurencin : In Those Days, Marie Laurencin" 1983 including the title song "Anokoro, Marie Laurencin : In Those Days, Marie Laurencin".
On 2004 for the tribute album of Kazuhiko Kato, the album "Anokoro, Marie Laurencin 2004 : In Those Days, Marie Laurencin" was released. The title song "Anokoro, Marie Laurencin : In Those Days, Marie Laurencin" was sung by HIrokuni Tanaka.

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