dedicated to Lee Krasner, left alone

Fate Has Let Him Pass Me By
For the collage of "dedicated to to Lee Krasner, left alone", the original photography you can find here, there and everywhere.

Lee Krasner was an abstract expressionism painter and married Jackson Pollock.
[photo from left to right : "Self-Portrait" ca. 1929 by Lee Krasner and "Untitled (Self Portrait)" ca. 1931 - 1935 by Jackson Pollock]

In 1941, Lee Krasner met Jackson Pollock. And she was fascinated by his works and started to introduce his works for art scene.
[photo from left to right : "Seated Nude" 1940 by Lee Krasner and "Birth" ca. 1941 by Jackson Pollock]

In 1945, Lee Krasner got married to Jackson Pollock.
[photo from left to right : "Image Surfacing" 1945 by Lee Krasner and "There Were Seven In Eight" ca. 1945 by Jackson Pollock]

In 1956, Jackson Pollock was killed in a traffic accident with his younger girl friend. After his death, Lee Krasner managed his estate to her death 1984.
[photo from left to right : "Easter Lilies" 1956 by Lee Krasner, "The Deep" 1953 by Jackson Pollock and "To The North" 1980 by Lee Krasner]

From 1945 when Lee Krasner got married with Jackson Pollock to 1984 her death, they lived and used as their art studio what is now known as the Pollock-Krasner House And Studio, which was declared a National Historic Landmark 1994.
[photo from left to right : "Lee Krasner And Jackson Pollock Walking From Jackson's New Studio In The Springs" photo by anonymous, "Lee Krasner Watching Her Husband Jackson Pollock Work On One Of His Famous “Action Paintings”….At Their Studio" photo by anonymous and "Lee Krasner And Her Own Studio" photo by anonymous]

In 2000, the biography "Jackson Pollock : An American Saga" 1989 written by Steven Naifeh adapted for the movie "Pollock" directed by Ed Harris.
Jackson Pollock was acted by Ed Harris, the director and Lee Krasner acted by Marcia Gay Harden.
Marcia Gay Harden won Best Performance By An Actress In A Supporting Role for this movie of The Academy Award in 2000.
[photo from left to right : the book cover for the biography "Jackson Pollock : An American Saga" 1989 written by Steven Naifeh, the poster and "Jackson Pollock acted by Ed Harris and Lee Krasner acted by Marcia Gay Harden", one of the still photo for the movie "Pollock" 2000 directed by Ed Harris]

The words "Fate Has Let Him Pass Me By" was taken from the lyrics of "Left Alone" was written by Billie Holiday and Mal Waldron.
This song is the one of songs written by or co-written by Billie Holiday that she never recorded. After Billie Holiday's death 1959, Mal Waldron recorded the song on his album "Left Alone" 1959.
On this youtube, "Left Alone" performed by Mal Waldron (p), Herbie Lewis (b), Eddie Moore (dr) feat. Jackie McLean (as), for the album "Left Alone '86" 1986 by Mal Waldron and Jackie McLean.
[photo from left to right : the art work for album "Left Alone" 1959 by Mal Waldron and "Photo From "Live Session Newark, NJ, 29 / May /1958" [from left to right : Billie Holiday (vo), Mal Waldron (p), Roy Gaines (g) and Vinnie Burke (b)] by anonymous]

In 1972, on the art work "Some Living American Women Artists" by Mary Beth Edelson in which 70 American Women Artists was collaged, Lee Krasner is appeared there. The center of this art work is the parody and collage of "Il Cenacolo (L'Ultima Cena)" painted by Leonardo da Vinci, Lee Krasner appears as Simon Petrus, one of the the 12 Apostoli, fifth from the left.
[photo from left to right : the art work "Some Living American Women Artists" 1972 by Mary Beth Edelson and "Rising Green" 1972 by Lee Krasner]

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