dedicated to Louise Brooks

"from Louise Brooks, 1928"
who can open your "pandora's box", again?

This drawing in Andy Warhol style is inspired from "Louise Brooks, 1928.".


Louise Brooks acted as Lulu in the movie"Die Buchse der Pandora."
Lulu became The Femme Fatale in 1930's.


News for Lulu : John Zorn(as),George Lewis(tb) and Bill Frisell(g) released their albums,"News for Lulu" and "More News for Lulu".
("News For Lulu" is jazz number composed by Sonny Clark,of course.)

Shouhei Ohoka,Japanese novelist edited the collection of photographs"Louise Brooks and "Lulu"" from the movie"Die Buchse der Pandora."

Please don't forget Flesh For Lulu,neo-psychedelic band because we need new flesh for her.

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theme : 今日のイラスト - genre : 日記

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