dedicated to Anais Nin, coming from the velvet eden

And I don't know why I care
For the collage of "deddicated to Anais Nin, coming from the velvet eden", the original photography you can find here, there and everywhere.

The words "And I don't know why I care" is taken from the lyrics of the single "I Don't Know Why I Love You" for the album "The House Of Love" 1990 by The House Of Love (photo left).
The name of the band, The House Of Love was taken from the novel "A Spy In The House Of Love" 1954 written by Anais Nin (photo right).

The short stories "Delta Of Venus Erotica" (photo left) was written 1977 by Anais Nin, who had written in 1940s for a private client, "Collector".
This first edition cover art depended on one of the photography from the erotic photo collection "Velvet Eden: The Richard Merkin Collection of Erotic Photography" (photo right) 1979 commentaried by Richard Merkin and Bruce McCall.

On 1990, the movie "Henry And June" (photo left : movie poster) directed by Philip Kaufman was adapted from the diary "Henry And June : From A Journal Of Love : The Unexpurgated Diary Of Anais Nin" (photo right) 1986 written by Anais Nin.

On the movie (off course, on the original diary), the story told is one of a love triangle between the writer Henry Miller with his wife June Miller and Anais Nin, in Paris 1931.
Anais Nin was acted by Maria de Medeiros. Henry Miller was acted by Fred Ward. June Miller was acted by Uma Thurman.
On the photo left : Maria de Medeiros, Fred Ward and Uma Thurman (from left to right) from the still.
On the photo left : Henry Miller, Anais Nin and June Miller.

On the movie "Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome" 1954 directed by Kenneth Anger, Anais Nin acted as Astarte.
On the photo left is movie poster featuring Anais Nin as Astarte.
On the photo right is from the still photo "Author Anais Nin As Astarte ; Goddess Of The Moon".

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