dedicated to Orlando : an androgynous created by three women

I'm really still in prison. And my love, she holds the key.
For the collage of "dedicated to Orlando : an aandrogynous created by three women", the original photography you can find, here, there and everywhere.

Orlando is the title-role for the novel "Orlando: A Biography " written by Virginia Woolf, first published on 11 October 1928.
["Virginia Woolf" 1912 painted by Vanessa Bell (left) and the first edition of the novel "Orlando: A Biography " (right)]

At the opening in this novel, Orlando appeared as 16 years boy during the reign of Elizabeth I in England [The left picture is "Orlando As A Boy"("Honourable Edward Sackville" painted by Cornelius Nuie, 1637)].
But, at the ending in this novel, Orlando have grown as 36 years married woman in 1928, in England (In 1928 this novel was published) [The right photo is "Orlando At The Present Time" (The right picture is "Photograph Of Vita Sackville-West as Orlando 1928" photo by Leonard Woolf].
He (or she ?) changed (his or her) own sex, when he (or she) woke from his (or her) long long sleeping when it past many many years.
In the story from the beginning to the end, to say during 3 centuries, Orlando had written the long poem it was called "The Oak Tree".

Vita Sackville-West, English author, poet and gardener was regarded as the model of Orlando in the novel "Orlando: A Biography ".
The poem "The Oak Tree" been writing by Orlando in this novel was said the analogy of the history of the Sackville-West family.
Actually, on the first edition of the novel "Orlando: A Biography ", some pictures of Vita Sackville-West and her family were treated as the characters' pictures from this story.
She was a passionate affair with the novelist Virginia Woolf.
["Lady With A Red Hat (Portrait Of Vita Sackville-West)" 1918 painted by William Strang]

In 1992, the novel has been adapted for the film "Orlando" directed by Sally Potter. In this movie, Tilda Swinton acted as Orlando.
[from the left to right : the poster for the movie "Orlando" and 2 still photos ("Orlando As A Boy" and "Orlando At The Present Time")]

The words "I'm really still in prison. And my love, she holds the key." was taken from the lyrics of the single "Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree" from the album "Tuneweaving" by Dawn featuring Tony Orando.
I wonder who will tie up the yellow ribbon the poem "The Oak Tree" in this novel.

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