Oh no! It's a White Day? 14th.March 2008

Oh no! It's a White Day? 14th.March 2008


Oui a l' ami Le Pen,Amelie Poulain
with love from tai toshiharu feat.=OyO=

this illustration is inspired by the poster of the movie
"Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain"
directed by
Jean-Pierre Jeunet.
They say
"Amelie Poulain"
who is this movie's hiroin
(acted byAudrey Tautou)
is the anagram
"Oui a l' ami Le Pen(Say yes to Le Pen)".

you can get some items from our illustrated wokrs
at the shop
"a very rough weekend".
please check it.


theme : 今日のイラスト - genre : 日記

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THE WHITEDAY 14th. March 2008

In A Version You\'ve been waitedTHE WHITEDAY 14th. March 2008from rui,the creature 4 =OyO= with love

2008. |from with a kiss,passing the key

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