Soko Asoko, the sailor

Soko Asoko was created by Hideo Azuma for the heroine of the comic "Yakekuso Tenshi : The Desperate Angel", firstly. In this comic she appeared as a grown woman. But, in the comic "Yakekuso Mokushiroku : The Desperate Apocalypse", the sequel to the comic "Yakekuso Tenshi : The Desperate Angel", she appeared as a junior high school student.
This collage depends on the original images you can find here, there and everywhere.

"Typhoeus und Wollust, Unkeuschheit, Unmassigkeit" , a part from "Beethovenfries: Diesen Kuss der ganzen Welt" painted by Gustav Klimt.

"Sister Alenushka Weeping About Brother Ivanushka" painted by Viktor Vasnetsov.

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theme : 今日のイラスト - genre : 日記

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