Nami Tsuchiya, la femme fatale

The collage "Nami Tsuchiya, la femme fatale" depends on the original images you can find, here, there and everywhere.
Nami Tsuchiya is the heroine from the comic "Tenshi No Harawata : Guts Of An Angel" 1978 - 1979 by Takashi Ishii for the monthly comic magazine "Young Comic" published by Shonengahosha Co., Ltd.
Nami Tsuchiya has been appeared as the heroine for almost all for the short comics by Takashi Ishii. And in the six movies as the series "Tenshi No harawata : Guts Of An Angel" directed by Takashi Ishii, Nami Tsuchiya had appeared. She must be may be The Femme Fatal for Takashi Ishii like his male caracters by him.

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theme : 今日のイラスト - genre : 日記

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